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Unemployment(失业)rose from 7.5&in June,  1996to 7.8% in July, 1996, the highest rate since January of that year , the Labor Department reported. The main reason was a large increase -----nearly 700, 000 in the labor force , with a record 61.9% of the population over sixteen years of age working or actively looking for work.

That growth was caused mainly by an increase in the number of women in the labor force , an increase partly because of a continuation of long ----term and economic trends(经济趋势)and partly a reflection of pressure on families to increase their incomes.

45. According to the announcement,  which of the following statements is correct?

A. Unemployment in July was higher than it had been since January.

B. Unemployment rose at a steady rate form January to July.

C. Unemployment rose by about 7% from June to July.

D. Unemployment rose about 7% the first time in July.

46. Why did unemployment increase during the period discussed in the passage?

A. There are fewer jobs in summer. B. Many companies had dismissed workers.

C. The labor force had grown. D. Records have become more accurate(准确)

47. which of the following is said to be the main reason why more people are looking for work?

A. Young people start working younger.

B. Recent graduates have entered the labor market.

C. More people must have tow jobs to support their families.

D. More women have entered the job market.

48. It can be inferred that the labor force described in the passage is made up of __________

A. persons whose jobs are not professional(专业的)

B. persons who work at both permanent (永久)and full-time jobs

C. those over 16 years of age who are looking for work

D. about 60% of the country's population


I found myself facing a dry-cleaning store which had once been one of the best restaurants in New York. On Sundays the old man would take my mother and me for dinner. There had been a balcony(走廊)where a baker (面包师)in a tall white hat baked fresh bread ,  and been whenever a customer entered,  the baker would look down and put in a fresh batch(一炉).I could see the manager who always sat down with us while we ate .He had some disease , I suppose,  because the right side of his face was swollen (肿的)out like a balloon , but he always wore a hard wing collar and a white tie ,  and never seemed sick .A Negro with a moustache was looking through the store window at me .For a moment I was anxious to go and tell him what I remembered. I did not go into the store ,  nor even toward our house , I went down town instead and sat in my room ,  trying to read.

49. Why did the writer stop in front of the store?

A. He wanted to take some clothes to be cleaned.

B. He was thinking about his boyhood.

C. He was looking for a good place to eat.

D. He wanted to buy some fresh bread.

50. In America "old man" probably means _______.

A. uncle B. grandfather C. father D. friend

51. What did the writer do when he walked away from the dry-cleaning store?

A. He stopped thinking about his childhood.

B. He went to the field where the children were playing.

C. He went into the restaurant . D. He returned to the room where he was staying.


Hotlines have become common in China. Some radio broadcasting stations use hotlines to encourage the listeners to take part in the talk shows.

That's a good idea. Yet, the fact is, some people do nothing but break the whole programme.

Some people know little about the topic under discussion. Sometimes they do not even know what the host(主持人)is talking about. So the host has to tell the caller what the show is about .Usually the caller will ask a few questions which express his hope and show his ignorance(无知).Then the host has to answer and explain-how silly this is !It wastes a lot of time .

It seems that some people phone the hotlines in fun. They just want to let the listeners hear them. They don't care what the topic is , whether they themselves are interested in or how silly they appear to be.

I'm totally bored(厌烦)by those people . It's necessary for radio stations to improve the hotline programmes. In my opinion,  if a caller doesn't know what is going on,  the operator should not let the caller take part in it.

52. The sentence, "Some people do nothing but break the whole programme." may tell us that ______.

A. radio stations use hotlines in a wrong way B. it is a fact

C. it is a good idea D. some people have unclear thoughts

53. The host has to answer and explain, ____ .

A. for the host works hard B. because of the caller's ignorance

C. for the host likes talking to the caller D. because of a lot of questions raised by the caller

54. The passage doesn't tell us the idea ________ .

A. that some listeners phone the hotlines in fun

B. that some people just want to be heard by others

C. that some people who don't care what the topic is must have realized that they appear to be silly

D. what the hotline programmes are

55. Which of the following is not true?

A. Some people know little about the topic under discussion.

B. Some people do not know what the host is talking about

C. Some people do not know what the show is about

D. The writer tells us that the host is silly.



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