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When things get busy, we all have tasks we put off. Sometimes items end up delayed out of necessity. If you are putting off the right things, it can be a good move to reduce your workload. But if you procrastinate on the wrong tasks, you might be setting yourself up for trouble later. So, what tasks should you avoid putting on your back burner?


We all put tasks aside at some point. Sometimes it is for good reason when prioritizing your workload. For example, if the item is not a priority, then it should wait. Other times, we put things on the back burner merely because we are trying to avoid them


Maybe it is something you don't want to do. Or something you think you are not ready for yet. In these situations, putting things on the back burner that shouldn't be there can lead to trouble down the road. Important tasks can be forgotten, chances missed, and bigger issues created


"Putting off the wrong tasks can cause you to miss opportunities, incur penalties, or create more work for yourself." In other words, putting them off will cause even more difficulties than if you had dealt with them in the first place


Ask yourself, "What do I have on the back burner?" Putting things on the back burner is not always a bad thing. If the item is of lesser priority or is a task that you really shouldn't be doing, then it can be appropriate to put it off

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However, when it is an important task, the back burner is a bad place for it. After all, being on the back burner leads to the task being out-of-sight, and out-of-mind. We tend to forget, ignore, or plain disregard the things we put off. For those reasons, there are some tasks that you should avoid relegating to the back burner


Here are 10 Tasks You Should Never Put on the Back Burner:


1. Tasks that Can't be Forgotten


Task that are out-of-sight don't get done. If it is important, don't put it on the back burner where it might be forgotten


2. Quick To-dos


Never put off what you can do immediately. Don't put off tasks that you can complete in just a few moments. If it can be done in the same amount of time as it takes to put it off, then get it done now!


3. Safety Issues


Never put off safety issues. The item that you delay could end up hurting you or someone else. Always fix safety issues right away


4. Tasks That Must be Done Today


If it needs to be done today, then get it done early. The back burner should be reserved for things that don't have to be addressed today and can sit idle for an unspecified time


5. Opportunities That Will Pass


Have you ever put off a task that caused you to miss an opportunity? Never put off tasks that are time-sensitive or may expire. Many opportunities that come along have a limited shelf life. If you don't act on them, they might be gone when you return to them


6. Promises to Others


Promises to others should never go on the back burner. If you can't give it your priority at this time, then you shouldn't be promising it in the first place


7. Tasks That Will Create More Work

Some tasks are messier to clean up later. Tasks undone can create more work for you when you attempt to resume them at a later date. Don't let these to-dos rot on the back burner


8. Tasks That Will Never Get Done


If there is a task that you never intend to do, then don't even bother putting it on your back burner. Instead, say "No" or delete it from your list. Otherwise, you'll be carrying the burden of tasks that you never intend to do anyway


9. Tasks with a Looming Deadline


Tasks with approaching deadlines should be front-and-center, not on the back burner. Otherwise, deadlines will be missed and deliverables will not be accomplished on time


10. Tasks with Financial Consequences


Have you ever incurred a monetary penalty (late fee, etc) because you put something off? Don't let tasks with financial implications sit idle. They will end up costing you


Take a moment to ensure you haven't forgotten anything that is simmering away. Something that is creating a bigger mess that you will have to clean-up later


Always keep your most important tasks front-and-center where you can see and act on them now. Reserve the back burner for the low priority items that can afford to sit and wait